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WHO WE ARE: We're your neighbors, local small business owners and fellow community members who share a love for Pacifica's natural open & recreation spaces. 


MISSION: To promote the preservation of the San Pedro Mountain hillsides, and to educate the public on the importance of this open space to our community.  The area under threat of development stretches from the border of the Shamrock Ranch and above the Adobe, Higgins, Palou, Galvez, and Perez neighborhoods of Southern Linda Mar.  This area is also known as the hiking and biking area of Boy Scout and encircled and accessed by the historic Old San Pedro Road trail.

Pacifica needs affordable housing and we support the development of those opportunities in our community where they are effective and accessible.  This sprawl of luxury homes onto our open space hillsides does not help that need.


  • This International Real-Estate Speculator Corporation owns three adjoining parcels with plans for luxury hillside housing construction that are currently in the application phase (NOT APPROVED) with the City of Pacifica.  Over 160 units plus ADU's ("in-law units") are being proposed.

  • APN Numbers of parcels owned by the developer...

    • Hillside Meadows - APN: 023-361-160

    • Linda Mar Woods - APN: 023-291-040 APN: 023-350-040 (unincorporated land, developer wants Pacifica to annex it)

  • These "projects" are currently being pitched as separate subdivisions, but the common ownership, location, and timing all suggest they're part of a single development plan.

  • The entire development area is designated by the State of CA as the highest level of fire hazard severity, learn more HERE (Cal Fire) and HERE (California Public Utilities) The majority of it would be serviced by widening a single road (Higgins Way) in and out.

  • Development will result in a significant traffic increase through the local neighborhoods and schools, and on Highway 1 as the only access in or out of Linda Mar.

  • The projects propose construction of a large new access road alongside Old San Pedro Mountain Road, and widening of existing roadways, cutting into property adjoining existing family homes and the local elementary school.

  • Development will result in destruction of over 60 acres of densely forested hillside, endangered wildlife habitat (native wildflowers, birds, plants, frogs, etc), eucalyptus (vital to hillside stability), and protected Heritage Trees.

  • Despite proposed extensive retaining walls, the site is a high risk for landslides directly into neighborhood homes. 

  • Development will encroach into hiking and biking trails, with hundreds of visitors each week.

  • Expansion of new city utility services (new power lines, sewage, etc) will result in further environmental destruction as well as further demands on these already limited infrastructures.

  • Status of the Project(s)?

    • Hillside Meadows - NOT APPROVED - Complete Application​, Pending Environmental Review

    • Linda Mar Woods - NOT APPROVED - Incomplete Application

Before and After


Higgins W view before 02.png


Higgins W view After 01.png


Higgins E view before 02.png


Higgins E view After 01.png





See the Developer's plans here...

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