Save Pacifica's Hillsides

Pacifica General Plan Update
The Pacifica General Plan is the document that guides development & city planning for decades to come. Our current plan is desperately outdated (1980) and requires an update. The final document will have a significant impact on our efforts (one way or the other). The city released the draft of our new plan on January 7 and the public has 45 days to comment.

What you can do...

  1. Read the Draft Documents & FAQ HERE

  2. Comment to City Council by March 8, 2022 at


All donations go directly to the preservation of the San Pedro Mountain hillside between Shamrock Ranch and Old San Pedro Mountain Road. Costs include the legal defense fund, independent, objective professional reports, evaluation of application documents, and the efforts toward permanent preservation of this open space.



Help prevent the destructive development of the Pacifica hillsides and preserve these cherished open spaces for future generations!

Our mission is to promote the preservation of the San Pedro Mountain hillsides, and to educate the public on the importance of this open space to our community.

Join the diverse group of neighbors, community leaders, and local small business owners who stand for conserving essential habitat and beloved recreation space.

Your donation supports our goals of preventing the destructive development of our Pacifica hillsides and then preserving these cherished open spaces for future generations.